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NAF WorldCup 2015: Irány Lucca!

Gratulálunk, Olaszország!

Megvoltak a NAF szavazások, és úgy néz ki a következő világbajnokság (amely 2015-ben esedékes) szervezésének lehetőségét az olaszok nyerték.

Az egyik olasz nemzeti lap is írt az eseményről (link itt), sőt, még a luccai polgármester is megszólalt az esemény kapcsán :D A cikket valaki lefordította angolra, ezt alább bemásoltam (az utrechti BB liga fórumán találtam, így nem tudom, mennyire hiteles):
Lucca, December 3, 2013 - Lucca beat Copenhagen and Sydney and is designated as the headquarters of the World Championship 2015 in Blood Bowl.fact will take place in Lucca from 6 to 8 November 2015, the third edition of the World Championship of Blood Bowl. The city, already recognized in Italy as the capital of the comic and the game thanks to the International Festival of Lucca Comics & Games , has been awarded the tournament dedicated to the popular fantasy board game.

 The news was released today by the Lucchese LudoLega with the City of Lucca, Lucca and Lucca Comics & Games Trade Shows and Conferences. On submission of the application had also worked the Chamber of Commerce of Lucca, with the support of Mediaus, RoG Factory, Greebo Games, FF Field and Tecnospazio.

 The players come from all continents . Safe investments, in addition to the large European group of teams representing Australia, USA, Canada, South Africa, Singapore . Is expected to enroll approximately 200 teams of 6 players each, which will be added families and carers, for what promises to be an exciting continuation playful edition 2015 Lucca Comics & Games.

 were as many as 19 out of 30 delegates world that have evaluated the candidacy of the city of Lucca superior to those of competitors Bruges (Belgium), Copenhagen (Denmark), Sydney (Australia) and Vitoria (Spain). The World of Lucca (which takes place every 4 years), after Nottingham 2007 (the birthplace of the game) and Amsterdam, 2011 (the home of the NAF, the International Federation of Blood Bowl).

 "Assignment of World Blood Bowl fills us with satisfaction - said Alessandro Tambellini, mayor of Lucca - because it testifies to the quality of the work done at application stage. For over 40 years our city becomes the capital of the imagination thanks to Lucca Comics & Games, which in 1996 launched the Warhammer Blood Bowl in Italy. For citizenship and for local tourism operators and Tuscany will be an interesting and festive opportunity. '

 Blood Bowl is a game that takes inspiration from American football and transposes it into a typically fantasy , warriors with humans, elves, dwarves and orcs instead of the players. Created by Jervis Johnson and appeared on the market in 1986, has various editions and millions of fans around the world. Among the imaginary city where competitions are held in this daring and exciting game, is that of Luccini, born from the union of the names of Lucca and Puccini.

 "We could not be more pleased - said Nicholas Giammattei, president of LudoLega Lucca, who coordinated the nomination - Lucca has long been one of the most vital reservoirs of Blood Bowl players and the award of the World 2015 is the culmination of a dream and a team effort with public and private entities. Right from the start we act because the experience of the players who will be in Lucca from all over the world proves an unforgettable moment. "

 " This is the best birthday present I could get for 20 years of the Games section of our event - said Emanuele Vietina, Deputy Director of Lucca Comics & Games - we are ready to build on the experience gained by organizing a major European events dedicated to entertainment and fantasy. We count on the support and as of now the participation of our audience and get ready as always to roll up our sleeves because the image of Lucca shine at international level.Personally, I also have to brush up on my team with which the Vikings arrived in the national final in 2005. "

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